YCG Events

Young Corrosion Group


The Young Corrosion Group serves the purpose of organising and implementing events of value to young corrosionists, those new to the corrosion industry and to provide a platform of access to information and networks which are of benefit to personal, professional or business development.


To inform a wider spectrum of young (under 35 years of age) corrosion industry personnel about the ACA and to attract more young people to become involved, ensuring the future survival and function of the ACA.

To provide a forum for professional interaction, support and networking for young corrosion industry personnel.


Members under 35 years of age, new to the corrosion industry and/or interested in the corrosion industry.


Chair - Giles Harrison
Glen Edwards
Dean Ferguson
Sean Ryder
William Ward
Hannah Watchman

For any further information about the YCG or to be added to the email list please contact us at ycg@corrosion.com.au