The ACA consists of the ACA Board, the ACA Council, its Committees inclusive of the Young Corrosion Group (YCG), and its Head Office. Each of them plays their part in the governance, management, composition, and technical expertise of the Association. Outside of the Head Office, the roles within the Association are elected through the Membership, making the Association an accountable organisation and representative of its Members.  

Within the Association, the Board acts as its governing body, the Council acts as an executive representation of the Branches in their interest, Committees provide expertise on the functions of different governing initiatives, and the Head Office performs the day-to-day operational and managerial duties. 

This is to provide proper corporate governance whilst separating the operational and managerial functions of the Assocation. 

The Branches make up the core of our Association and its activities, and as such comprise the majority of the constituents of the ACA Board, the ACA Council, and any Committees. The Membership is not listed below due to privacy reasons. However, Members who aren’t apart of the stated Board, Council, and Committees contribute immeasurably to the Association through other means. 


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Current Directors

The Association is governed by the ACA Board. The Board consists of Members as its Directors, including its Chair, and any independent Directors who may be external to the Association. The Board is appointed by nomination and election by the ACA Council.  

The role of the Board for the overall corporate governance and oversight of the Association, giving strategic direction over its affairs. The Board is accountable for delivering a corporate performance that is in line with the objectives and goals of the Association. 

The ACA Board has regular elections and nominations to ensure its capacity to ensure its governance and oversight obligations. The ACA Board currently consists of: 

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Governance Structure

Board Committees

There are various Committees, as devised by the Board, which execute operational aspects of the Board and the Association more broadly. This is to incorporate best practice and separation of duties, making the Association a more transparent and effective organisation. 

Governance Committee

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Audit, Finance, and Risk Committee

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Education and Training Committee

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Membership Committee

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Board Conference Committee

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Young Corrosion Group Steering Committee

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The Council acts as a conduit between the ACA Board and the broader Membership. The Council consists of a President, two Vice-Presidents, two Council Members from each Branch as appointed by the Branch Committee, and a Public Officer.  

he Council has regular elections and nominations to ensure its capacity to ensure its obligation to both the ACA Board and the Membership of the Association. The Council currently consists of: 

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