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Call For Additional Directors 2024 - 2026

The ACA Foundation (ACAF) is a registered charity with the ATO and Australian Securities Commission for the purpose of raising funds to enable Community Members to receive funding scholarships in the further understanding and management of corrosion prevention. All funding donations are eligible for tax deductible status. The ACAF is looking for four individuals from the greater community as well as ACA membership to join the ACAF Board of Directors. All positions are an honorary appointment with a nominal term of three years.

Call For Additional Directors 2024 – 2026
Centurion Donors Program


Your donation will be applied for the benefit of scholarship, bursary and prize recipients. Centurion donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt, a Centurion Certificate and a Centurion Lapel Pin.

How to become a Centurion?
Featured Scholarship Winners


Featuring scholarship winners and lists past scholarships awarded by the organization from 2013 to 2023.


Community Resources

Access a hub of community-focused resources addressing corrosion prevention in vehicles, household maintenance, and metal care, complemented by an exploration into the historical fight against corrosion.

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Student & Teacher Resources

Explore educational resources for students and teachers that cover the basics of corrosion, its real-world implications, and preventive strategies through informative articles and guides.

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