From a personal career development perspective, the award will foster international collaborative research and development projects, bridge gaps between academia and Industry, keep me up-to-date with world class corrosion science and control, as well as allow my work to be published and exposed to the wider European Scientific Community.

Not to mention strengthening organisational partnerships between the ACA and various European corrosion Research Centres, Institutes and Universities which in turn will potentially create more opportunities for ACA members in the future.

To optimise the opportunity this grant gives me I intend to attend a total of 4 events.Flying from Sydney to Prague, (Czech Republic) in early September, I’m scheduled to showcase my latest work including my corrosion studies of novel lightweight composite aluminium foams at the combined Eurocorr and International Corrosion Congress (ICC).

Following the 5 day conference I shall fly to Paris and spend the following days, travelling by train, and participating in symposiums at 3 of the most prestigious corrosion centres in France: (i) DCNS Corrosion Research Centre located in Cherbourg; (ii) Institut de la Corrosion located in Breast; and (iii) Universite de la Rochelle located in La-Rochelle.

They say that the collective attitude within a family can represent the attitude of a nation.

The ACA is one family that excels at its positive and rewarding attitude towards its members and hence why I feel proud of being part of the association. It is an absolute honour and privilege to be awarded the Brian cherry International Travel Scholarship and I hope that I make all ACA Foundation donors proud of their generosity.

Igor Chaves BE (Civil), MSEng (Structural), PhD (Structural)
Research Academic


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