Who we are

The Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) is the leading body for the handling and mitigation of corrosion and its impacts across Australia and New Zealand. An internationally recognised association with accredited training courses, annual conferences, and networking opportunities, the ACA provides support across diverse sectors to provide the best knowledge and experience across the corrosion industry.

As a non-for-profit, membership-based association, we serve our members in disseminating information about corrosion in all its forms. The ACA will continue to evolve and adapt to emerging forms of corrosion to support its membership in combatting its effects. The ACA is committed to sustainability and cost effectiveness for its community and beyond.


What we do

The ACA offers various tools for tackling corrosion. Drawing on the expertise of our membership base, we can provide world-class training in partnership with sister associations such as AMPP, connect our membership for networking and learning opportunities through our Branches and their events, and hold our yearly Conference to showcase the best and brightest from Australasia and beyond.

Through constant engagement with our community, we aim to advance corrosion as an agenda and promote the importance of its handling to those outside of our industry. We seek to act as an advocate for our membership and as an educator for wider society.


What is corrosion?

Corrosion is a natural process that occurs when metals and other materials deteriorate and degrade due to chemical or electrochemical reactions with their surrounding environment. It is most associated with metals, but other materials like ceramics and polymers can also experience a form of corrosion.

The most well-known type of corrosion is rust, which is the corrosion of iron or steel. When metals corrode, they can lose their original properties, strength, and appearance, leading to structural weakness, aesthetic damage, and reduced functionality.



The ACA consists of the ACA Board, the ACA Council, the Branch Committees, Technical Groups, the Young Corrosion Group (YCG), and its Head Office. Each of them plays their part in the governance, management, composition, and technical expertise, and membership representation of the Association. The Head Office is resourced through paid staff members. The other roles in the Association are elected through the membership and are primarily volunteer roles.

Within the Association, the Board acts as its governing body, the Council acts as an executive representation of the Branches and representation of the ACA membership from around the region. They also act as the electoral college of the Board. The Branches are located throughout major population centres around Australia and New Zealand where members are active. The Branches host local events and are make up the composition of the ACA Council. The Branches are considered to make up the core of our Association and its activities.

The Technical Groups are vital in sharing technical knowledge, expertise and act as a forum for like-minded industry practitioners to share knowledge. The Young Corrosion Group is for members under 35 to build their networks and skills to become the ACA’s next generation of leaders. The Head Office performs the day-to-day operational and managerial duties.

The ACA is governed via its constitution and the bylaws.


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