The Australasian Corrosion Association, in coordination with the ACA Foundation, offers annual scholarships to assist its membership to attend various events such as our trainings and the Annual Corrosion & Prevention Conference. Through the generous contributions of some of our corporate partners, we can continue to support the growth and professional development of our community and generate new opportunities for Members of the Association across all sectors and age groups of the corrosion industry.

Each year, the Australasian Corrosion Association releases its scholarships ahead of the Annual Corrosion & Prevention Conference to promote interest in the programs created in concert with the ACA Foundation. Keep an eye on our website, newsletters, and social media for updates on the next round of scholarships. The current scholarships can be seen on this page – link here.

Scholarships are open to applicants from all areas of corrosion related industries inclusive of, but not limited to galvanizing, cathodic protection, coating specification and sales, coating applicators, structural engineers, materials scientists and engineers, and researchers.

Some scholarships focus specifically on younger and student members of the ACA. This is in line with the ACA’s objectives to continue building its foundational knowledge and expertise base going forward.


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