ACA Annual Report 2023

The ACA has now released its 2023 Annual Report. The brochure compiles the highlights of the hard work the team has done across its efforts in Training, Membership, Technical Groups, Branch Events, Conference, and more. Throughout 2023, ACA has shown resilience and dedication in delivering outstanding results for its membership. We successfully implemented new business systems that significantly improved our operations and efficiency, setting the stage for continued growth and performance improvements.

ACA Annual Report 2020

Our 2020 Annual Report is now available for download. This 42 Page Report includes a message from our new ACA Chair Dean Ferguson and our outgoing Chair Dean Wall, an introduction to our current board members and an overview of the performance of some key aspects of our Association during 2020, a year full of unprecedented challenges and significant changes for all. You can still register to attend the AGM free and online, which will feature a guest presentation from Tom Honeyands, Director of the Iron Ore Hub and co-Director of the Centre for Ironmaking Materials Research to kick things off. Tom will be joining us virtually to discuss "Hydrogen Ironmaking - Lessons From the Past and Challenges for the Future".


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