Our Membership base is drawn from all varieties of industries, disciplines, experiences and expertise.

Each of our Membership options affords a wide range of benefits. These include access to valuable training materials and discounts, a library of papers and journals from the ACA and beyond, and involvement in technical events across our Branches.

By joining the Australasian Corrosion Association, you are supporting our efforts at fostering community, spreading corrosion awareness, and promoting its handling in an ethical manner. With Branches across Australasia and regular events both online and in person, there has never been a more valuable time to join the Association and advance our industry-focused efforts. We are committed to the responsible handling and mitigation of corrosion through its many forms with engagement with the expert advice of educated professionals to lead our courses and promote our vision of sustainability.

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Join as an individual member of Australasian Corrosion Association. Access specialized resources, networking opportunities, and cutting-edge insights to enhance your expertise in corrosion prevention.

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Elevate your organization's corrosion prevention efforts with a corporate membership at Australasian Corrosion Association. Join a network of industry leaders, access resources, and collaborate for effective solutions.

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