Standards Australia is an intendent, non-government, not-for-profit organisation. They are the nation’s peak non-government standards development organisation. The work of Standards Australia and its contributors from industry, government, and the consumer sector enhances the nation economic efficiency, international competitiveness, and contributes to a safe and sustainable environment for all Australians.

Standards Australia’s membership is drawn from bodies and organisations involved in the development and use of standards. As such, the ACA is a proud member and contributor to Standards Australia.

The ACA participates in the review and development of national Standards through Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand. The ACA invites its members to contribute to the work of these committees via the ACA nominee and, if you would like to forward comments or suggestions, please email If you are interested in being involved with this please join the ACA’s Standards Australia Group. This is open to all members of members of the ACA.


ACA Corrosion Standards Update

Download: Standards August 2019

Download: Standards May 2019

Download: Standards February 2019

Download: Standards August 2018

Download: Standards May 2018

Download: Standards February 2017

Download: Standards May 2017

Download: Standards November 2017

Standards Representation

The ACA currently represents its members on the following Standards Australasian technical committees:

EL-024 – Protection Against Lightning

BD-028 – Masonry Wall Ties and Accessories

CH-003 – Paints and Related Materials

ME-038 – Petroleum Pipelines

MT-014 – Corrosion of Metals

WD-003 – Welding of Structures

EL-057 – Boating and Boating Marinas Installations

ME-001 – Pressure Equipment

MT-009 – Metal Finishing

CE-030 – Maritime Structures

BD-023 – Structural Steel


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