The Association has Branches and Divisions within its Membership. These are situated across the entire Australasian region, incorporating Members from all corners of the two nations. Each Branch is represented, overseen, and governed by its local Committee. Each Committee is made up of local Members; these dedicated corrosion experts and enthusiasts are responsible for coordinating specific activities and initiatives exclusively within their Branch.

Once a Member signs up to the ACA they are automatically allocated to their closest Branch. These Members are the heart and soul of our Association and assist it in remaining the definitive source of corrosion expertise and guidance within the industry. The Committees, made up of volunteer Members, are vital to the ongoing viability and success of the ACA. The Australasian Corrosion Association is incredibly fortunate to have such a knowledgeable group of individuals to help us facilitate and further our objectives in the corrosion industry and ensure our ability to continue giving back to our community.

If you’d like to reach out to your local Branch and their Committee, each one has a dedicated point of contact listed below. Otherwise, please feel free to directly contact the head office of the Australasian Corrosion Association on

Our Branches also contribute to our Technical Groups. These Groups are made up of academics and practitioners from across the industry in each sector in which corrosion is present. The offer expertise and experience whilst contributing to our events and journals.

To find out more or join a ACA Branch Committee, please click below to register your interest.

Newcastle Branch

PositionNameBranch Contact Person
Branch PresidentRhett WattersContact Me
Branch Vice PresidentKaren Swain
Councillor AIgor Chaves
Councillor BJim Hickey
Committee MemberDave Blackaby
Committee MemberCraig O’Brien


New South Wales Branch

PositionNameContact Person
PresidentAdam HockeyContact Me
Vice PresidentFelicity Smith
TreasurerSteve Faulker
Secretary & Councillor AGary Bennett
Councillor B & Committee MemberRodney Wynyard
Committee MemberAiman El-Chahrouk
Committee MemberEdmond Choi
Committee MemberBlagojce Apolevski
YCGAmanda Chen
YCGSummer Wang

New Zealand Branch

PositionNameContact Person
PresidentRy CollierContact Me
Vice PresidentGrant Chamberlain
SecretaryMark Sigley
TreasurerWillie Mandeno
EducationWillie Mandeno
MembershipHanieh Ghominejad
TechnicalRaed El Sarraf
ElectrolysisGrant Chamberlain
EditorLes Boulton
Councillor AWillie Mandeno
Councillor BRy Collier

Queensland Branch

PositionNameContact Person
PresidentAllan SterlingContact Me
Immediate Past PresidentMurry McCormick
Vice President / Secretary / Treasurer
Councillor AAllan Sterling
Councillor BMurry McCormick
YCGJoseph Davies
Committee MemberStuart Ogilvie
Committee MemberGeoffrey Will
Committee MemberMatt Hales
Committee MemberIrina Atanasova
Committee MemberJamie O’Brien
Committee MemberOscar Duyvestyn
Committee MemberSam Pohlman

South Australia Branch

PositionNameContact Person
President/Councillor AChristiane SchulzContact Me
Vice President/Councillor BAnthony Roccisano
Immediate Past PresidentDaniel Fosdike
TreasurerGeorge Hobbs
SecretaryMichael Barone
YCGMinh Nguyen
Membership OfficerAdam Levi
Committee MemberDennis Richards
Committee MemberMichael Carson
Committee MemberAndrew Twinning
Committee MemberNick May
Committee MemberTrevor Stone
Committee MemberNeville Phillis
Committee MemberHannah Watchman

Victoria Branch

NamePositionContact Person
PresidentWayne NeilContact Me
Senior Vice President
Junior Vice PresidentJulie-Anne Latham
Immediate Past PresidentScott Wade
TreasurerRichard Brodribb
SecretaryAdrian Vinnell
Councillor ARichard Brodribb
Councillor BWayne Neil
Committee MemberCandice Blackney
Committee MemberSarah Furman
Committee MemberGary Bunn
Committee MemberPeter Dove
Committee MemberNa Gui
Committee MemberAustin Bennett
Committee MemberKyle Fortune
Committee MemberKate Dylejko
Committee MemberMuhammad Awais Javed
Committee MemberJack McLean

Western Australia Branch

PositionNameContact Person
Branch PresidentKaterina LepkovaContact Me
Vice PresidentSrikanth Kambhampati
Past Branch President | Council DirectorScott Gaebler
Councillor AJoel Bock
Councillor BGraham Carlisle
Councillor (additional)Vahid Afshari
YCG Lead (interim)Srikanth Kambhampati
PublicationsScott Gaebler
FinancialsDavid Sloan
Committee memberFikry Barouky
Committee memberRob DeGraaf
Committee memberAbishek Gopan
Committee memberAndrew Russell
Committee memberDaniel Lillas
Committee memberJohn Grapiglia
Committee memberThunyaluk (Kod) Pojtanabuntoeng
Committee memberMike Dehghan
Committee memberYohan Perera Dawatage


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