Knowledge Building

Joining the Association offers its Membership extensive opportunities for professional development and career advancement. These are available for both individuals and corporate accounts.

  • The ACA’s offering of trainings and their development pathways. We cater to all varieties of skillsets from the entry-level corrosion novices to those seeking advanced specialist training. Training arrangements have flexible capacities and are both locally and internationally recognised for their quality, accreditation, and applicability.
  • The Annual Corrosion & Prevention Conference offers an array of technical initiatives, including industry and research programs, social functions and dinners, awards ceremonies, networking events, and exhibitions highlighting the most foremost innovations in corrosion technology and industry showing off their latest efforts in innovation, products, and services. It is educational and celebratory, bringing the best and brightest from across the industry.
  • Our Branches offer a year-round calendar of events, including one-day seminars, on-site visits to corrosion specialists such as blast-yards, evening technical presentations, social functions and networking events, tradeshows, equipment demonstrations, Young Corrosion Group events, and more! We draw upon our community and beyond to get access to the best people and organisations and draw upon their expertise. The Branches are the heart of our Membership and are a diverse and inclusive grouping of those passionate about corrosion.


Joining the Association gives you access to our library of resources, papers, and material expertise to assist your business offerings and further your career progression.

  • The ACA sends out weekly newsletters, in addition to one-off packages about special drives and events, to keep the Membership informed of what is going on within the Association and the corrosion industry. We send these out through social media and email to ensure that our Membership base stays up to date. Members have the option to promote their own people and initiatives through our newsletters, and can get access to news about past and upcoming events, industry events and initiatives, and what is happening in their area through their Branch activities.
  • Through expert contributions both at localised events and the Corrosion & Prevention Conference, the ACA has accrued over two thousand papers covering a pantheon of subjects that were written by some of the most respected representatives of the industry and beyond. These include case studies, research papers, technical articles, presentations, and much more. The ACA draws on all backgrounds to ensure comprehensive information across all things corrosion.
  • Get access to the Association’s affiliated international relationships and their resource pool. This gives our Membership base access to the European Federation of Corrosion’s papers from their past conferences, in addition to discounts on their international publications and seminars. Maintaining an international reputation is key to the Association’s objectives and these affiliated relationships ensure that visibility.


The Association believes that we are only as strong as our Membership; we are committed to building an active, engaged, and passionate Membership with a reciprocally supportive relationship.

  • Networking is both online and in-person; meet people online through seminars, discuss the future of corrosion with your peers at a convention, and join the AGM and other Branch events to get the latest on what your peers are working on.
  • Join one of the Committees of the Association, which allows you to become more involved, learn new skills, and make career opportunities with some of the most ambitious and connected in the industry. The ACA acts as your voice and representation; we engage with governmental organisations, other non-for-profits, big business, and others to get the best outcomes for our industry and our Membership.
  • Members can use our Corrosion Control Directory to contact the best industry person to meet your needs or ask your questions.


Be rewarded for your efforts in corrosion mitigation or by your continued support of the industry through the ACA’s involvement in:

  • Getting involved in the Association’s Scholarship program and picking up new skills through the Association’s direct financial and administrative support.
  • Going through our Certification process to become either a Corrosion Technician or Corrosion Technologist to receive extended public recognition for your qualifications. These Certification are industry recognised and respected.
  • Using the Association’s branded logo to indicate your qualification and enhanced presence within the industry.
  • Sign into the Association’s website, build your personal profile, and connect with likeminded peers within the corrosion industry.


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