We like to get younger members of the corrosion community involved with networking, learning, upskilling, and socialising opportunities. You must be under 35 to join the YCG.

Becoming part of the YCG can include joining the Steering Committee that oversees the Australasian activities of the YCG at a governance level, joining local committees that arrange with events, or simply joining to get updates and learn more of the activity of their peers within the community.

It is not required that you already part of the YCG or the ACA to show interest in the YCG. Our expression of interest is available so we can help you identify how you’d like to become involved in the corrosion community. Additionally, we recommend expressing interest in our activities even if you are 35 or over and would like to provide support to young people in the corrosion industry.


For more information, please contact our head office at aca@corrosion.com.au.


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