Getting it Right – The First Time

Daniel McKeown, Dulux Protective Coatings

We all know there is a cost associated with corrosion, but the exact numbers are hard to quantify. Suffice to say there have been plenty of lessons learnt in the past that should enable us to maximise the value of every dollar spent on preventing corrosion.

It is a reasonable estimate that the cost to repair a coating system on site is roughly equal to the original painting price multiplied by a factor of 10. This may not be exact science, and variations and exceptions will occur, but should provide an indicative guide.

One important consideration that is often overlooked when repairs have to be carried out, is that the downtime of an asset can be far more important than the repair cost of the project.

This article is a summary of a few case histories, aimed at sharing some of these lessons. These learning’s (not failures) relate to many different aspects of a project, and can hopefully be utilised so these situations can be avoided in the future.


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