The WA Branch Committee is made up of a team of dedicated volunteers who are responsible for coordinating a range of initiatives to service the WA Corrosion Community. Check out our committee member profiles so you can get to know who’s representing you in the ACA.

Rhiannon Easdon – WA Branch President

Rhiannon at the “rust resistant” Iron pillar of Delhi.

My name is Rhiannon Easdon and I am the current WA branch president. I am a materials engineer working in pressure equipment inspection in the oil and gas industry. I have been working in the industry for 7 years.

I first joined the ACA WA branch committee in 2016 and have previously been the branch events coordinator, before taking over as branch president in 2019. What I most enjoy about being a part of the ACA is getting to meet other ACA members at our local events, and making connections with interstate counterparts through the ACA network.  When I’m not at work or volunteering with ACA I enjoy traveling, gardening, and playing basketball and futsal.

Winton Ley – WA Branch Secretary

My name is Winton Ley and I am the current WA branch secretary. I am a Subsea and Pipeline Engineer working in Production within the Oil and gas Industry. I have worked in various industries in the past 7 years, including the mining and medical sectors, ranging from operations to asset management roles. I have recently joined the ACA WA branch committee in 2020. What I most enjoy about being a part of the ACA is meeting other ACA members and sharing knowledge with experienced members within the community. When I’m not at work or volunteering with ACA I like to spend quality time with my family, go on holidays, and play musical instruments.

Vahid Afshari – ACA Council President

My name is Vahid Afshari and I have been an ACA Member since 2004, a committee member of the WA ACA branch since 2011, and currently serving as ACA Council Vice President. I am a materials and corrosion engineer by education, training, and experience. I was educated at Tehran University up to the Ph.D. level and my career so far has spanned over 22 years. I have worked for GHD since 2011 and am currently a technical director in corrosion engineering.

The corrosion or degradation of the entire range of materials has long been an interest of mine and I have devoted my whole career to this field.

I have been resident in Perth for over 10 years and am married with two children.

Fikry Barouky – WA Branch Committee member

My name is Fikry Barouky, and I joined the ACA in 1990 and was nominated as the newsletter editor of the WA branch from 1993 to 1995.  Currently I am an ACA WA Branch committee member and the current Chairman of the ACA Oil & Gas technical group.

I am the founder, director, and principal corrosion consultant of Anti Corrosion Technology Pty Ltd, focusing on providing specialized services in corrosion prevention and sustainable materials engineering for the Oil & Gas operations in Australia and globally.

With 45 years of working experience, industry expertise, and academic earnings, I am dedicated to actively participate in many relevant professional associations and Standards organizations.  In my own free time, I am a violin player and active member of a number of community programs, assisting as being a member of the Rotary club.

David Sloan – WA Branch Financials and Education officer

Sitting on a 1903-era bollard at South Mole, Fremantle Harbour; and still fit for service (both of us!) [Apologies to Rodin]

David Sloan – I’m one of the ‘old-timers’ – 21 years an ACA member and 30+ years in the corrosion and materials world. In recent times, I’ve moved more into the related fields of Asset Integrity and the development and application of Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) systems. To the young corrosionists coming through, congratulations, you’ve made a wise career choice! Even after all these years, corrosion and materials continue to throw me new challenges and keeps me enthused; it can, and should, be so for all of you.

Brain Kinsella – WA Branch Publications Officer

My name is Brian Kinsella and I have been an ACA member for about 50 years. My title, Emeritus Professor, was awarded by the Curtin University Council on my retirement in 2018 for distinguished service and strategic leadership of the Curtin Corrosion Centre. I would describe myself as a recycled product because after directing the Centre from 1987-2007, I re-joined Curtin in 2013 for a second spell. In between the two Curtin stints I worked from 2008-2011 at the Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology, Ohio University, as the Visiting Stocker Professor. I have a general fascination for corrosion and materials, however, my main interests are electrochemistry and corrosion inhibitors. My principal responsibility as an ACA-WA Branch Committee member is publications or news items and would welcome receiving heaps of news items from ACA members. I love the camaraderie, networking and knowledge generated through involvement in ACA events and enjoys travelling, walking, cooking and dining.

Graham Carlisle – WA Branch Membership Officer

Onsite and surrounded by tons of Fe3O4 and Fe2O3, but still trying to prevent some fabricated Fe reverting to the aforementioned over time.

My name is Graham Carlisle and have been an ACA WA Branch committee member since 2009, having served in all roles, including as Branch President. Currently, I am the Membership Officer and have recently completed some time serving as a Director on the ACA Board, a position I had held since 2012. I work for Advisian (a subsidiary of Worley) as a Principal Consulting Engineer focusing on coatings, corrosion, and materials. I am lucky enough to be able to work across multiple industry sectors, but with most of my work occurring within the oil and gas industry. Being a member of the ACA provides me with fantastic opportunities to develop myself through training, networking, and their dissemination of technical information. It has also provided me with a platform to give back to industry through volunteering and instructing. When I am not being a Corrosionist or an ACA volunteer, I am spending my time with my family (parrots included) and underwater, spearfishing both recreationally and competitively.

John Grapiglia – WA Branch Councillor  

John Grapiglia – Qualified as an Electronics Engineer, I was originally looking towards a future of high tech. and microelectronics.  Instead, I joined Telecom in Melbourne and became a “rust mechanic” (rust – corrosion, and mechanic traditionally was a train “engineer”).  I have been in the industry since 1980, and started my involvement in the ACA in the late 80’s after moving from Melbourne to Perth.

In my career, I have worked around Australia and also managed to visit many overseas locations for work including Hong Kong, Malaysia, the UK, Holland, and Pakistan to name a few.

My primary work is on Cathodic Protection (CP) having worked on onshore, offshore and on concrete CP systems throughout my career.  I was an ACA CP Lecturer, and am now also involved in lecturing the NACE CP courses.  I have been on the WA Branch Committee since around 1998, and have also held roles as the WA and Australasian President, ACA Operations Committee Chairman, and am a Life Member of the Association.

Katerina Lepkova – WA Branch Events Officer (Technical)  

My name is Katerina Lepkova and I have been ACA member since 2009. In the ACA, I have been involved in organising and chairing the Research in Progress Forum at the Corrosion & Prevention conference in 2018 and 2019. I am currently coordinating technical events at the WA ACA Branch.

I have been involved in corrosion and materials research for over 15 years, working at academic and industrial engineering institutions in Europe and Australia. I am currently working at the Curtin Corrosion Centre (Curtin University) as a Curtin Research Director of the Curtin-QEERI Corrosion Research Alliance, and lead the Centre’s corrosion inhibition research stream.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy yoga, reading books, and most of all spending time with my husband and our two children.

Scott Gaebler – WA Branch Events Officer (Social) 

My name is Scott Gaebler and I have recently joined the ACA WA branch committee in 2020, I have worked in our industry since 2007. I’m currently employed in the coatings, engineering, and services (CE&S) team at AkzoNobel having recently transferred down from Karratha to Perth. I look forward to contributing to the WA branch with my positive demeanor whilst pursuing learning opportunities by networking with our industry participants. I enjoy being outside with family and friends in my spare time with a passion for continuous learning.


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