Being a Member of the ACA opens many doors in the corrosion industry, from professional connections to work opportunities. People like Jasmine Hadaway, Reliability Engineering Specialist at Rio Tinto, have been enjoying networking with like-minded peers and learning about new corrosion technologies.

Jasmine has worked for around six years in the oil and gas industry and her favourite corrosion project she’s been involved in is piping pinhole management at the Yarwun Refinery. 

In this quick interview, Jasmine shares her favourite corrosion projects and why she enjoys being a Member of the ACA.

In 2024, our Membership package will be upgraded, with more benefits for Individual and Corporate Members.

Jasmine Hadaway, ACA Member

What does your role entail and what does your company do? 

My role entails helping improve the reliability of the equipment within the Calcination and Boilers units on the Yarwun Rio Tinto Alumnia Refinery. I also have a keen interest in improving corrosion management and inspections site wide at the refinery, with particular interest in pressure piping. Rio Tinto Yarwun processes Bauxite ore into Alumina which is then sent to nearby Aluminium smelters to be processed into Aluminium. 

What has been your favourite corrosion project that you have worked on and why? 

My favourite and most challenging corrosion project I have worked on to date has been piping pinhole management at the Yarwun Refinery. This issue has a plethora of root causes and is quite complex with many degradation mechanisms to look at as a materials engineer. 

What are the important corrosion related issues facing industry/your business today? 

Internal erosion and caustic stress corrosion cracking in our equipment – due to the nature of the process (i.e. caustic slurries). 

Why are you a member of the ACA? 

I’m a member of the ACA to increase my corrosion professional network and keep up to date with new corrosion management technologies. 

Can you describe your experience with corrosion control and prevention? 

I have worked for around 6 years in the oil and gas industry working in a Materials, Inspection and Corrosion Engineering team. I mainly worked in the capacity of an inspection engineer during that time scoping multiple inspections for pressure equipment (RBI); taking part in shutdowns; working on Corrosion Under Insulation projects; and helping monitoring corrosion probes for various assets. 


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