We celebrated World Corrosion Awareness Day on the 24th of April, and the ACA endorsed the commitment to the corrosion community and the work that been done to respond to the ongoing challenges proposed by the impacts of corrosion. Read the full message below.

“On this World Corrosion Awareness Day, 24th of April, the ACA can’t go past without acknowledging the importance of the work done in our community to respond to the ongoing challenges proposed by the impacts of corrosion. At the ACA, every day is Corrosion Aware Day, as we step up actions to influence government and industry policy, work with industry experts on research, educate professionals and connect the community. These initiatives are carried out with a focus on sustainability and responsibility when mitigating corrosion in our society.

We salute and express our gratitude to the practitioners, academics, students, advocates, and anybody else who works tirelessly to ensure that corrosion and its management are promoted across the globe in a sustainable and cost-effective way to ensure the health and safety of the community and guarantee the protection of the environment.

As we acknowledge this important day for our industry, we look forward to supporting our members through our advocacy, training, research and contributions to the industry Standards. Collaboratively, we envision assisting in the development of our society through the protection of its assets and environment.

On this World Corrosion Awareness Day, raise your awareness of the hidden costs, complexity, and benefits of successfully managing corrosion“.


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