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The Brian Cherry Award Forum is open to postgraduate and final year undergraduate research students studying at an Australasian University. Applicants could be studying any aspect of corrosion, including but not limited to metallic and non-metallic corrosion, corrosion management, corrosion mitigation, and corrosion protection. Taking part in the Forum provides students with the opportunity to present their corrosion related research work as well as showcase their talent to their peers and the Australasian Corrosion Industry – including potential employers.


After the 3 Minute Thesis Event, the following students were selected to represent their universities in the Final Round:

Larissa Franziska Kopf (The University of Waikato) – Thermography inspection for undercoating corrosion

Ben Burton (Australian National University) – RustSEG: Automated Corrosion Segmentation Using Deep Learning

Hongshou Huang (University of South Australia)- Study on the Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Resistance of Thermal-Sprayed Cu-bearing Stainless Steel Coating

Maria Sofia Hazarabedian (Curtin University) – Optimization of the Double-Loop Electrochemical Potentiokinetic Reactivation Test for Precipitation Hardened Nickel Alloy


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