Using critical chloride levels in concrete to predict the risk of reinforcing corrosion and the remaining life of structures

ACA and ACRA combined for a joint presentation at the Pan Pacific on South Wharf to investigate the role that chlorides have on reinforcement corrosion and the service life of structures.  This event was well attended with just on 50 members attending including many of the industry leaders in the field of durability and corrosion in Victoria.  

The event was ably compèred by Nick Critchley from ACRA and three presenters looked at different aspects of this topic.    Dean Ferguson also updated members on upcoming ACA events.

The first presenter Philip Vimpani from Arup covered current industry guidelines and standards and set the scene by outlining the traditional industry understanding on this topic.  He compared a current practice adopted in Australia with European and American practice and reviewed some key research which was used to support existing standards documents.

Philip Vimpani (ARUP) opening the joint ACA and ACRA event on using critical chloride levels to predict the risk of reinforcing corrosion and the remaining life of structures.

Professor Chun-Qing Li from RMIT University then looked at research that has been undertaking on this topic and  over the past 20 years into factors which impact on corrosion of reinforced concrete structures.  His presentation identified that service life of concrete structures may by the time to corrosion initiation however it may also include time to cracking, time to delimation and time to rupture which is not included in the chloride diffusion analysis.

Professor Chun-Qing Li (RMIT University) shares some of the research that is being undertaken to investigate this issue.

Faiz Khan from BCRC identified how critical chloride content is used in a number chloride diffusion modelling approaches and how this is being addressed in fib’s Model Code 2020.  He identified why there is such a broad distribution for chloride content levels which result in corrosion and how this is expected to be addressed in new standards which are being developed on this topic.

Faiz Khan (BCRC) rounds out the evening with a presentation focusing on advice for asset owners and consultants in the management of deteriorated structures.

Following the presentation attendees enjoyed drinks, canapés and conversation in the courtyard overlooking the Yarra and the city skyline.


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