ACA and AMPP signed the first Strategic Alliance Agreement, document that sets how both organisations work together and invest in future joint opportunities.

The document was signed during the last Learning Centre session at Corrosion & Prevention 2023, on the 15th of November by ACA CEO Maree Tetlow, ACA Board Deputy Chair Kingsley Brown, AMPP COO Cynthia O’Malley, and AMPP Global Centre Board Chair Kristin Leonard.

The Strategic Alliance is based on the principle of cooperation between the ACA and AMPP, which will advance a similar mission in protecting infrastructure through corrosion prevention and management. According to the agreement, it is intended to expand AMPP training offers through the ACA, keeping our current training opportunities with other partners.

Before signing the document, Maree Tetlow reassured ACA’s independence as an association. “The ACA will continue as our own association and totally independent as we are now. The alliance is about demonstrating our commitment to work with AMPP as our main partner”, said Tetlow.


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