The Victorian Branch of the ACA is run by 15 committee members including an executive group.

Our main function as a branch is to hold events for our members, and we hold at least one event per month. Events always include some networking over food and drink, as our aim is to bring people together in the industry.

Other activities vary and include technical presentations, trade shows, lawn bowls, trivia nights, Christmas parties, site tours, study awards night (Brian Cherry forum) and formal dinners (Roundtable)!

In addition to our core business of holding events we are also invested in furthering ACA’s Vision and Mission in other ways.

Some of these include:

    • Getting involved with the ACA foundation’s project to take corrosion experiments into high school classes. The aim of this is to spread the word of the corrosion industry.
    • Periodically offering scholarships as a branch, usually supporting young people to attend the ACA conference.
    • Working with ACA’s head office to live stream and record technical presentations during our events. This will mean these presentations with be accessible all over the world live and then in an archive forever!

In addition to the core Victorian Branch of the ACA, we have a subset of the branch aimed at engaging people under 35 in the industry called the Victorian Young Corrosion Group. This group holds 4 events in addition to the regular ACA calendar and sometimes even teams up with the main ACA Branch to partake in Young vs. Old(er) events.

In the next 2-3 months, we are going to put a survey out to Victorian members to see what additional things they want to see the branch providing. So get your thinking caps on everybody! This will be your chance to get three wishes from the corrosion-genie.
If you have ever wanted to get involved or participate in your local branch we highly recommend it.
As you can see, there are a variety of services offered and our belief is the more the merrier!


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