The ACA NZ Branch AGM 2018 was held at the Surrey Hotel, Auckland, on 22nd March.

At the well-attended AGM the following members were elected to the NZ Branch Committee for 2018-2019: 

President:        Patricia Shaw, Callaghan Institute
VP                     Matthew Vercoe, MSS
Secretary           Mark Sigley, First Gas
Treasurer           Willie Mandeno (retired)
Education           Willie Mandeno
Membership      Hanieh Ghominejad   WSP-Opus
Technical           Raed El Sarraf  WSP-Opus
Electrolysis         Mark Sigley
Branch Editor      Les Boulton  LBA
ACA Council Representatives:  Patricia Shaw & Willie Mandeno

At the closure of the AGM, the incoming NZ Branch President, Patricia Shaw, thanked Raed El Sarraf for his service as Branch President over the past two years.



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