Despite all the year’s organisational inconsistencies, The ACA Queensland Branch Committee pulled together and set up a rip-roaring Christmas event at the Felon’s Brewing Co on the Brisbane River. The afternoon began with a tour of the Felons Brewery itself. The tour was conducted by two very likeable rogues, namely James and Weston.  Fortunately for the attendees, one of their latest creations was available to be tested for the duration of the tour. 

The attendees were all ears, eyes, noses and taste buds to the explanation of the processes required to create a perfect brew. Processes of interest included the manufacture of the wort, the treacle-like mix of hops, barley and water in various proportions. Firstly the wort is fermented with a specific yeast to create a “rough” beer with various natural impurities. The centrifuge after the fermentation process removes these.  The brew is then fermented further in sealed tanks to give the beer a natural fizz. Thereafter it is either directly piped to the taps at the various bars on the wharf or for the lucky few, canned for take away. 

The brewery is dedicated to supplying only those establishments on the wharf, leaving the rest of Brisbane unable to sample their most excellent libations. No doubt the corrosionists and corrosionistas were taking note of the various materials housing the most critical processes. Along with the tasting, various questions were asked of the hosts, further illuminating those gathered to the science and art of brewing.

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After a time, the now educated attendees returned to the bar where a sumptuous feast was awaiting along with a variety of ales for everyone’s enjoyment. Again it was the company of fellow industry colleagues that made the event special, along with the fact we’d been starved of this company for far too long. A thunderstorm late in the day added an element of excitement to the event. In all, a memorable evening was had. The Queensland ACA Branch Committee must wholeheartedly thank Peter Haworth and LOGSYS for their support of the event. Additional thanks must go to Isaac Isackovich for organising the event. 


Event Photos


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