Our partners from the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) have hosted another successful EUROCORR, this time in Brussels, from 27th to 31st of August.

The EUROCORR 2023 welcomed attendees from 49 countries, including Swinburne University Associate Professor Scott Wade and ACA Council Member Igor Chaves, amongst other Aussies representing the ACA and broader Australasian corrosion community.

Professor Wade shared his impressions of the event and how it connects with our very own Conference happening this November in Perth:

“This year the conference had a title ’Driving corrosion prediction and protection towards a circular economy’ which captures some of the themes we are planning to address at the 2023 ACA Conference. Speaking to Associate Prof. Dr. Tomáš Prošek (President of the EFC), he mentioned that one of his favourite things about this year’s conference was seeing the rapid development of research that is taking place in the areas of sustainability and the circular economy. These developments were highlighted by many of the invited speakers and sessions on ’Corrosion in Green and Low Carbon Technologies’.

If you are interested in attending our Corrosion & Prevention 2023 Conference, grab your tickets today.


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