ACA NACE lead lecturer Justin Rigby delivered the first NACE CIP1 Blended (Online Theory + Classroom Practical) course from the ACA Melbourne HQ, to 13 online students via a Live Virtual Classroom, on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The ability to deliver these courses online is an exciting development for the ACA in these times.

By all accounts, the course went incredibly well and our participants expressed their satisfaction with the online delivery method and their gratitude to Justin and ACA Training & IT departments for putting the course together in this new delivery medium. The ACA wants to thank our first attendees for their contribution to this session and for their valued feedback as we all continue with new endeavours. We wish them all, the best of luck with the remaining course components.

If you’d like to find out more about our NACE CIP1 and NACE CIP2 Blended course offerings you can read more about them on our training page. Remember to stay tuned for NACE CP3 and NACE CP4 courses, which are coming soon.

Sit back and watch, full screen

The days are from 8am in the morning until 5;30pm with a few breaks. It’s hard work to watch a screen for that long so we stream high definition sound and video on a private streaming server. It is very much like being in a classroom.

Interactive Sessions

The web conference chat stream is open all day for questions which are answered during the stream

At various times during the day ( normally before or after a break) the lecturer will be available on the web conference to answer any questions that you have.

We asked our first students at the end of two 9 hour sessions how they thought it had gone..

Technical Details

We stream in High Definition to our private streaming service. This is then encoded to ensure that people on all types of device size will have the optimum size delivered to them

Web Conferencing

For the video conferencing side of things we use a private enterprise level conference system. This means that we are delivering the highest quality possible


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