The ACA and ACRA present the first in a series of joint webinar presentations on Silicosis and its prevention.
The world as we know it is constantly changing. In the construction industry, often competing pressures of safety, environment and productivity are at the forefront of an engineers mind. Our first webinar in this series will explore these themes in the context of demolition, containment and silicosis in the concrete repair industry.


Nick Critchley – General Manager, Marine & Civil Maintenance

Nick Critchley has over 18 years’ experience in infrastructure asset maintenance, rehabilitation & protection. Specializing in concrete, timber and steel structure inspection, investigation and design strategies and implementation for refurbishment and protection. Nick has well-developed business, strategy, bid and project management expertise. During his career, Nick has worked in a variety of fields and positions throughout Australia and China. Nick has proven himself to be a central collaborator for successful teams, whether these be for business management, development or project delivery. As a relationship-based leader, Nick empowers his teams to ensure clients receive the greatest care.


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