Hot Dip Galvanizing Inspector Programs

Are you interested in increasing your knowledge of Galvanized Coatings?

The ACA in conjunction with GAA is currently offering the chance to do so with the upcoming Hot Dip Galvanizing Inspector Program in Perth on June 26-27

About this course

In this intensive two-day course you are trained to correctly assess the suitability of fabricated steel articles for the hot dip galvanizing process.

Learning Outcomes

Learn how to correctly assess the suitability of fabricated steel articles for the hot dip galvanizing process

Find out how to correctly inspect hot dip galvanized steel articles to ensure compliance to Australian, New Zealand and International Standards.

Who should attend this course?

  • NACE Level I and above coating inspectors
  • Coating and corrosion consultants
  • Galvanizers
  • Engineers, specifiers, and fabricators involved in design and construction of steel structures
  • People interested in increasing their knowledge of galvanized coatings
  • Anyone who wants to become a Certified ACA Hot Dip Galvanizing Inspector

Highlights of this course include:

  • An introduction to corrosion and its prevention
  • Local & international hot dip galvanizing Standards
  • Design considerations for inspection before galvanizing
  • The hot dip galvanizing process
  • Metallurgy of the hot dip galvanized coating including the effect of steel chemistry and surface conditions
  • Typical surface conditions – description and extensive visual examples
  • Repair of damaged and uncoated areas of galvanized steel
  • Inspection of jobs before, during and after galvanizing
  • Development of inspection and test plans, including simulated project inspection and test plans
  • Statistical sampling for Test Reports
  • Practical testing of real project items

To find out more call  Skye Russell on + 61 3 9890 4833


Recent Trends in Galvanizing

“Hot dip galvanizing has long been used and is a well proven method of providing corrosion protection to iron and steel. Whilst the process itself is long established its use as a protective coating is mostly seen as being more functional than decorative. Trends in Europe and more recently in Australia have seen the coating employed for its metallic appearance.” M Wright, Industrial Galvanizers Corporation 1999

The University of Melbourne Arts West Building

This building is clad in galvanised metal fins which reveal artwork as a person moves around it.

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Perth  June 26-27


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