The ACA Foundation (ACAF) is a registered charity with the ATO and Australian Securities Commission for the purpose of raising funds to enable Community Members to receive funding scholarships in the further understanding and management of corrosion prevention. All funding donations are eligible for tax deductible status. The ACAF is looking for four individuals from the greater community as well as ACA membership to join the ACAF Board of Directors. All positions are an honorary appointment with a nominal term of three years. To bring balance to the ACAF Boar, we are particularly interested in members who can fill either of the following roles:

  •       One or more Industry experts who come from a professional background and has skills in advocacy and can be successful in steering a team to raise funding from Governments, Industry and the community generally.
  •        Additional Directors are sought who can make a positive contribution to the running of the ACAF Board. Persons with initiative and drive to contribute to the many facets of delivering a professional outcome and development of internal operations of ACAF Board activities including financial, secretarial and establishing community-based programs in corrosion management activities are also being sought. Young energetic people from within the ACA as well as from industry should consider submitting an application for what will be an exciting honorary position.


The ACAF meets quarterly (via Teams) with the occasional additional meeting/s as required. If you are interested in joining the ACAF Board, please send your CV to our Administrator at Click Here for more information about the ACAF Charter.


Deadline: Applications close on 15th July 2025.


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