Coating Refurbishment of Domain Tunnel Ventilation Stack, Melbourne

Case study submitted by Mattioli – Innovators in Protective Coatings, who are a leading protective coating applicator in Australia, based in Victoria.

Transurban’s Grant Street Ventilation Stack for the Domain Tunnel has recently been refurbished by Mattioli’s industrial coating team. The Stack is close to 50 metres high and nearly 8 metres in diameter.

The Domain Tunnel is a road tunnel located in the centre of Melbourne which carries traffic westbound from the Monash Freeway to the West Gate Freeway. This and the eastbound Burnley tunnel are part of the CityLink Tollway network operated by Transurban and provides a bypass of the central business district. Emissions from these tunnels are discharged via two ventilation stacks, one being the Grant Street Ventilation Stack.


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