The combined meeting of the ACA and Surface Coatings Association Australia (SCAA), held 13 October 2019 at the Curtin Corrosion Centre, heralded a successful event between the two organisations. The enthusiasm of attendees was not dampened by the unseasonal Perth wet weather. The meeting featured presentations by Dr Thunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng (Kod) and Mr Varun Ghodkay on some of their coatings R&D work and a tour of the coatings test laboratory. The advantage of using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) to measure water ingression and detect early signs of coating failure, before being visually manifested, were explained. Outcomes of the work have assisted decision-making processes at critical stages of asset management which have resulted in substantial cost savings. During the laboratory tour delegates were able to see the salt spray and UV test chambers running. The salt spray or salt fog chamber features additional refrigeration and water reservoir units to control humidity, reach temperatures below ambient to freezing and evaluate coated test panels under total immersion conditions. The event was limited to 20 people and it is envisaged holding a similar meeting in 2020.

Salt fog cabinet

UV weathering chamber

Kod giving a presentation


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