The NSW Branch’s invited a panel of experts for an evening discussion of Concrete Corrosion and Durability. Each panellist has a career of experience in the protection of concrete structures and we had a great chance for them to give their firm opinion to your questions.

During the registration process, we invited our attendees to submit any questions/topics that they were interested in hearing our panel discuss. Questions were invited on any aspect of the repair, protection, or investigation against corrosion and degradation of concrete structures and infrastructure.

Our Guest Presenters

Maxim Kovtun – Senior Materials Engineer Sydney Water

Max has extensive knowledge and experience on the protective coating materials and Cement based products and he will be Sydney Water’s Subject Matter Expert for protective coatings enquiries and review process.

Grahame Vile – Director BAAM Consulting and President ACRA

Grahame is a pragmatic remedial consultant with expertise in concrete durability and condition assessment of structures. He has provided advice since 1996 to residential strata buildings: diagnostic and condition assessment, dilapidation reports, technical due diligence reports, specifications, tender and contract administration.

David McDonald – Principal Engineer Vinsi Partners

David’s posses unmatched expertise is concrete, corrosion and building product selection. He brings international expertise to Australia and has been responsible for detailed Durability Reporting on major infrastructure projects.

Our Featured Partner

Our featured partner for this event is Marine and Civil Maintenance.

Marine & Civil Maintenance Pty Ltd (MCM) is an industry leading engineering rehabilitation business. A core focus of our business is structural (concrete, steel, and timber) repair and cathodic protection systems. We re-engineer and extend the life of ageing infrastructure assets by developing and delivering optimised Whole of Life (WOL) solutions.

We focus on enhancing a range of assets from wharves, bridges, buildings to general concrete, steel and timber structures. Our quality delivery service is mobile, flexible and efficient. We offer a range of commercial models to meet your needs across the Australia and Pacific regions.


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