An annual tradition at the Corrosion & Prevention Conference, the ACA Awards honoured the work, research and contribution of esteemed corrosion professionals in Australasia, during the Awards Dinner held this Tuesday, 14th November, in Perth, as part of the Conference program.

The Corrosion Medal, ACA’s most prestigious Award, was given to Professor Nick Birbilis, world-renowned materials engineer recognised for contributions in materials design, materials durability, and advanced manufacturing. The Corrosion Medal honours outstanding scientific or technological work in the field of corrosion in Australasia or meritorious contributions towards the handling and mitigation of corrosion industry in Australasia.

Professor Nick Birbilis with ACA CEO Maree Tetlow and ACA President Isaac Isakovich.

See the list of ACA’s 2023 Awardees:

Marshall Fordham | Best Research Paper Award
Laser Cladding of Fe-Based Alloy E-Clad as Hard Chrome Replacement for Hydraulic Cylinders in Mining

Christiane Schulz
Anthony Roccisano
Thomas Schlaefer
Andre Hatem
Colin Hall

David Whitby | Best Review Paper

Robert Melchers – Corrosion at the interface.

Arthur C Kennett Award
Proposed Seepage and Movement Monitoring for an 80-Year-Old Plain Concrete Reservoir

Bryce Cunning
Igor A Chaves
Dr Lloyd Pilgrim
Robert Petersen


Les Boulton Case Study Award
Airborne EM Surveys for Large Scale Pipeline Cathodic Protection Design

Allan Sterling
Kate Hine

Corrosion Medal

Nick Birbilis


Life Membership

Fikry Barouky
Philip Fleming


Annual YCG Award

Amanda Chen


Rust Award

Tyran Blake


25 Years of Service in Course Delivery

Dr Rob Francis
Robert Freedman


Denso ACA Training | Scholarship 1

Mr Paolo A Alegro


Denso ACA Training | Scholarship 2

Mr Jonghun Woo

Denso Professional ACA Conference Attendance Award

Amanda Chen

Denso Student Conference Attendance Award

Lyndsey Terry


Conspectus Professional ACA Conference Attendance Award

Miss Carol Ke


Phoenix ACA Conference Attendance Award

Mr Egor Volkov


UCC Professional ACA Conference Attendance Award

Miss Seii Deng Chen


Wayne Burns ACA Conference Attendance Award

Miss Razana Razak


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