Antifouling coatings for aluminium vessels have been a controversial subject for many years and for many years the use of organo-tin based coatings was seen as the most effective long term option. Organo-tin products are no longer an option and this has resulted in evaluation of alternatives. Traditionally the use of copper based products (Cuprous Oxide mostly) had been an effective option for steel hulls but were avoided for aluminium due to concerns with the interaction between the Cuprous Oxide and aluminium hull.

In this webinar Ted Riding (Jotun) discusses some laboratory testing and actual field examples of the different options available today.

Ted Riding is a graduate of Sydney University in Chemical Engineering. He has been employed in the corrosion control industry for over 40 years. Originally employed by Dimet he has held positions related to the development, manufacture and application of protective coatings. Ted is currently certified for inspection of protective coatings by FROSIO (Level 3) and NACE (Level 3) for inspection of protective coatings. Ted is also certified for inspection of Hot Dip Galvanizing by the Australasian Corrosion Association and inspection of Coatings on Concrete by SSPC. Ted is an Instructor for NACE International, FROSIO and the Australasian Corrosion Association. Currently, Ted is employed by Jotun Australia as Technical Manager and is based in Melbourne.


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