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This webinar is aimed at university students and young corrosion professionals who are eager to learn more about corrosion and corrosion management in assets. Featuring three great speakers, who have many years of industry knowledge managing a range of different assets. This is an interesting webinar to hear from some experienced professionals and get a better understanding of what is involved with a career in Corrosion Management.


Alireza Kouklan – Principal Corrosion Engineer (Mondo)

Alireza discusses the impact of corrosion on assets and how to overcome some of the related issues.

David Towns – Business Development Manager SA/NT/TAS (Denso)

David has been employed with Denso for 20 years where he regularly presents and trains groups on the use of a variety of Denso Products. As Denso are long terms supporters of the ACA and APGA, he has presented at many events for both associations over the years. David is a member of both the APGA and The ACA and a former branch president of The ACA SA Branch. He’s also a qualified NACE Coatings Inspector and a former member of the CRC.

In this presentation, David discusses corrosion protection materials.

Michael Velasquez – Technical Officer (City West Water)

Michael is a Technical Officer in the Network Maintenance Team of City West Water (CWW), focusing on the delivery of corrosion works and a serving as a member of the Technical Advisory Group, having previously undertaken the duties of Corrosion Engineer for 19 months. He served as representative of CWW in the ”VEC Technical Subcommittee and AEC”. Michael Initiated the review of Standard drawings for Electrolysis test points “MRWA WAT-1410 & WAT-1411” together with the technical representatives of Melbourne’s water Industry. He’s delivered presentations at the AEC meeting and ACA’s Water and Water Treatment technical event on the Corrosion Management Program of CWW and Product Approval Process.

Michael’s presentation covers the civil design considerations form an asset owners perspective as well as a brief rundown of CWW corrosion management program. His presentation also features a case study of a test point installation.

VIC Branch Partners

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