We’re very excited to introduce the first four of our wider plenary speaking line-up. Drawing from experts in their field, both local and internationally sourced, we have:

Dr. Jason Lee: with an esteemed career in Materials Engineering and a research focus on subjects as the improved fundamental understanding of the localised corrosion and electrochemistry of metals and alloys exposed to natural environments, he’ll bring a wealth of knowledge with him to Western Australia.

Bruce Ackland: needing no introduction, Bruce has been in the corrosion and cathodic protection industry for over four decades. With a Bachelor of Science and an Honours degree in Physics, Bruce has worked throughout the world on various cathodic protection projects, sharing his expertise across the globe. Bruce is a further contributing chairman of Australia Standard committees, in additional to being a member of several ISO standards working groups.

Geoffrey Will: an Associate Professor with a PhD from the University of Dublin, Geoffrey holds interests in the electrochemical monitoring of corrosion reactions in industrial settings. With contributions to journals and developed technique work dedicated to monitoring coating breakdown and inform maintenance decision-making, Geoffrey is bringing his expertise in corrosion prediction and monitoring to Perth.

Justin Rigby: a long-time champion of the ACA and its works, in addition to being the Principal of Remedy Asset Protection in Victoria, Justin is a NATA-accredited consultant that provides advice on condition assessment, project advising, and independent auditing. With experience as an AMPP CIP Lecturer, Icorr Level 3 Inspector, Level 2 Bridge inspector and chairmanship of two of the ACA’s Technical Groups, Justin brings a holistic breadth of knowledge and practice to the C&P Conference.

With more plenary speakers to be announced, stay tuned!


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