Corrosion & Prevention closed another year delivering technical exceptional content that contributes to corrosion research and mitigation. In 2023, the Conference delivered 65 paper presentations under 13 streams. The event also featured nine forums, some of which hosted by our Technical Groups. They were Sustainability, Coatings, Standards, Oil & Gas, Cathodic Protection, Defence, Water, Research in Progress and Concrete.

With the intent to allow the free flow of ideas outside of the technical presentation, the Learning Centre also hosted another 14 corrosion presentations.

Plenary Speakers

Thank you to Prof. dr. ir. J.M.C. (Arjan) Mol, Dr Margarita Vargas, Dr Geoffrey Will, Justin Rigby, Dr Bruce Ackland and Joanna Kay, our plenary speakers who drove the main technical presentations in the Plenary Hall of the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Professor Will hosted our PF Thompson lecture, dedicated to Percival Faraday Thompson, Australia’s pioneer in corrosion research and education. Each year, the PF Thompson lecture is given by a person who has made a significant contribution to corrosion science and engineering in Australia.

We look forward to hosting more esteemed speakers next year in Cairns!


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