Our Offer to ACA Members

Nureka are pleased to offer ACA members a 3 month free (fee & obligation) subscription to the platform at ‘Executive’ level, allowing members access to posted challenges and the opportunity to promote your innovative concepts and technology. 

Please register and contribute to the ecosystem by posting your innovative capabilities and technologies, or responding to a challenge before Friday 19 October 2018. 


For more information go to:   info@nureka.io

To learn more and take advantage of this offer, contact Damian Downes (BDM Manager, Nureka, d.downes@nureka.io)

Or register directly by visiting  www.nureka.io and click ‘Create Account’

Corrosion as a hot topic

Corrosion is a major (if not the most significant) consideration in the Australian O&G industry.  The industry needs experts and innovators in corrosion prevention, detection, mitigation and rectification.  There are a number of challenges already listed on the Nureka platform looking for innovative solutions.  The operators, however, are not the experts, and they do not know what they do not know, giving members a wonderful opportunity to promote their innovation (ideas, products etc.) in corrosion mitigation, building new business opportunities.  With a number of mega projects nearing FID, the operators need corrosion experts to drive the requirements of the workshops and eventual primary contractors.

With Australia set to become the worlds largest LNG exporter ( and with a number of mega projects set to commence in the next few years, Australian operators and their major contractors need access to a global community of solution providers to ensure sustainable development and ongoing operational integrity of new and existing facilities.  There are already a number of corrosion related challenges listed on the platform looking for innovative solutions.

What is Nureka?

Nureka is an exciting joint venture, formed between NERA – National Energy Resources Australia (a not for profit, industry-led knowledge organisation, backed by the Australian Government) and Eureka Platform Pty Ltd, for the purpose of providing the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry with an innovation and collaboration platform.

Their objective is to provide the industry with an open source platform, (www.nureka.io)  delivering both innovation and collaboration

capability within a single platform structure, for users across the entire O&G ecosystem.


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