Dr Sivanesan Arumugam Dr Sivanesan Arumugam

Product Manager Electrochemistry & Spectroscopy

Metrohm Australia (MEP Instruments)


I am the Product Manager for Electrochemistry & Spectroscopy at Metrohm Australia & Metrohm New Zealand (MEP Instruments). One of my major roles is to provide electrochemical solutions to monitor and characterize corrosion, so that one can get more detailed information about corrosion phenomena.
I have good experience in adopting various ASTM and DIN standards to monitor corrosion and corrosion rates.

Metrohm Australia and Metrohm New Zealand, trading as MEP Instruments is a company of Metrohm AG Switzerland set up to serve the scientific industry in Australia and New Zealand with first class scientific equipment and services.

To support the corrosion related projects and industry, Metrohm offers fully customizable hardware and software solutions to perform electrochemical experiments and calculate corrosion parameters. The software package offers dedicated methods for corrosion analyses that are in compliance with ASTM standards and industry best practices.

Favourite Corrosion Project

I have worked on a number of Research projects (here are a few that related to corrosion – of course my favourite!) which might be useful for the wider corrosion audience.

• Determination of corrosion rates and polarization resistance of mild steel and aluminum via linear sweep voltammetry and Tafel slope analysis

• Natural products as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in corrosive media: A Tafel polarization and Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) study

• Determination of critical pitting temperature (CPT) of stainless steel and related alloys by chrono amperometric experiment combined with a temperature ramp

Issues Facing the Industry

As we all know, corrosion has been a common issue to any industry which uses metal and its alloys.

Quality of product, safety of the workers/users and costs are the main focus area of industries, where corrosion is the major issue they face.

Our business provides solutions to monitor corrosion, study the inhibitors corrosion resistant ability and monitoring the major corrosion causing species.

ACA Membership

For networking and knowledge sharing – this is how mankind reached the present height by overcoming all the hurdles and challenges thrown to him over the years.

The ACA, provides a wonderful platform for networking and knowledge sharing amongst the corrosion community where, in particular, industries facing corrosion problems and industries delivering solutions to corrosion issues can shake hands.

So I am here to network, learn, share my knowledge and deliver solutions.


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