How We Work With the New Respirable Silica Dust Working Exposure Standards

The second in a series of joint webinar presentations on Silicosis and its prevention, presented by ACRA and The ACA.

The presentation gives the audience a view of how much dust normal operations of drilling, cutting & grinding concrete generate. It then covers the engineering controls available to manage dust emission and how you use these in conjunction with PPE to ensure operators/supervisors remain well below the required Silica dust levels.


Dr Martin Stirling – Hilti Australia

Dr Martin Stirling is an experienced engineering and marketing professional with a history of working in power generation, manufacturing and the construction industry in Australia, Ireland and South Africa. Skilled in mechanical engineering, materials science, construction technology and marketing with a passion for occupational health and safety. A graduate of the Australian Graduate School of Management (MBA) and University of Cape Town (BSc / PhD).

This joint event was proudly presented by


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