The ACA Oil & Gas Technical Group invited our first international guest speaker, Neil Wilds (Sherwin Williams) to kick off a series of webinars focused on the challenges of detecting and mitigating CUI. Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is one of the major problems faced by asset managers throughout the oil and gas industry. Neil will be delivering a presentation on the evolution of coatings for protection against CUI, then taking questions from our attendees.

This important webinar will be of special interest to asset owners and corrosion practitioners concerned with the protection of critical oil and gas assets subject to damage or failure due to corrosion under insulation.


Neil Wilds – Global Product Director CUI / Testing with Sherwin Williams Protective & Marine Coatings Division

Based in the United Kingdom, Neil has over 30 years of technical coatings experience and is currently a Global Product Director CUI / Testing with Sherwin Williams Protective & Marine Coatings division. Currently working on long term CUI strategy, global core, specifications and testing programs with direct contact to major end-users, he is also a member of multiple coatings societies and is actively involved in the development of coating corrosion and CUI test standards with NACE. Neil has been with Sherwin Williams for 4 years after spending 29 years with another global coatings company. Neil has an Hons Degree in Applied Chemistry from the University of Northumbria, UK.



This webinar was run by the ACA’s Oil and Gas Technical Group as part of their ongoing CUI Best Practice Project and so it is made freely available to all interested parties.


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