Graham_CarlisleThose that know me, know that as devout underwater enthusiast, I am constantly wanting to seek out ways to ensure that the underwater realm that I hold so dear is protected from pollutants due to losses in containment and the effects of global warming, which is exacerbated by the ever-increasing use of energy in metal processing industries.

So, by assisting in the prevention of corrosion, I can in some small way reduce the likely hood for a loss of containment or the additional energy requirement needed to re-manufacture a metallic component.

Although I have dedicated the last 22 years of my working life to mitigating corrosion in one way or another, I am of the view that being actively involved with the strategy and oversight of organisations such as the ACA, provides me with another avenue through which I can contribute to corrosion prevention through the promotion and realisation of the ACA’s vision and mission.

This is achieved by utilising the breadth and depth of my skills in both commerce and corrosion engineering, gained from years of related industry experience and academic qualifications.

My past tenures as an ACA board member, WA branch president and long standing committee member are a testament to my commitment to this and my statutory and fiduciary duties.


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