Hot Dip Galvanizing – An Introduction

Emmanuel Pimentel

The hot dip galvanizing process is relatively simple compared to most other corrosion protection systems and it is this simplicity that makes it an economically efficient and technically effective corrosion protection system for both small items and structural steel applications. The galvanizing process utilizes zinc, one of the most widely used metals, to provide a protective coating to steel. Most hot dip galvanizing that is specified in Australia is performed to AS/NZS 4680 Hot-DipĀ Galvanized (Zinc) Coatings on Fabricated Ferrous Articles. The process to be discussed here is after-fabrication batch hot dip galvanizing. There are other forms of galvanizing or closely related processes: in-line, or continuous, galvanizing, spun products (for fasteners and other small items) and electroplating. These will be discussed in later issues.



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