Hybrid Cathodic Protection Systems Save a New Zealand Bridge

Corrie Cook

For the first time in New Zealand a local operator has provided a state of the art hybrid corrosion protection system on concrete support piles under a major highway bridge in Auckland. This technology was designed by international experts whose research has revolutionised the understanding of how impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) performs.

This paper is a summary of the new technology being used to extend the life of bridges on the State Highway 16 Causeway Project near Auckland. The technology is built on work discussed at C&P15 in Adelaide last year and follows the paper on the first use of Hybrid CP presented to C&P 13 in Brisbane in 2013.

The hybrid anode system combines elements of re-alkalisation, cathodic protection and galvanic protection which can be applied as a global or a targeted protection system for the concrete element or the whole structure.


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