Award Criteria

Life Membership is awarded to an ACA Member for outstanding service over an extended period to the Australasian Corrosion Association, either to a Branch or Branches and/or the ACA Council and/or to one of its duly appointed Committees (eg the Operations Committee/Board).

Nomination and Election Procedures

Life Membership Recipients

Bill McEwan
Brian Byrne
Brian Cherry
Brian Hickinbottom
Brian Martin
Bruce Flack
Bruce Hinton
David Nicholas
David Young

Fikry Barouky
Frank Burns
Frank Hewitt
Fred Salome
Graeme Kelly
Graham Sussex
Graham Wright
Greg Moore
Harvey Blackburn
Ian MacLeod
John Bristow
John Duncan
John Grapiglia
John Tanti
Les Boulton
Mark Weston
Mohammad Ali
Peter Farinha
Peter Hart
Peter Dove

Philip Fleming
Ray Osborne
Reg Casling
Robert Freedman
Rob Francis
Robert Jeffrey
Roman Dankiw
Wayne Burns
Willie Mandeno


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