One of the main benefits of being an ACA Member is the networking and all the professional opportunities that come with it.

Members like Shane Strudwick, Managing Director of NEOtech Coatings Australia enjoy collaborating and learning with their peers to push the boundaries of old-school thinking and manage corrosion with advanced technologies.  

Get to know Shane Strudwick in this quick interview.

What does your role entail and what does your company do? 

NEOtech Coatings Australia are specialists since the 1990s in ceramic thermal insulation coatings (C-TIC) and corrosion management. We help companies solve some of the toughest challenges regarding energy savings, reduced carbon emissions, personnel safety, fire protection and asset / maintenance management. We work across all industry sectors to help reduce energy costs for a sustainable future with innovative coatings that range from solar heat up to 650°C hot surfaces to fire protection. Largely my role is to educate about heat, sources of heat, heat and energy management solutions and how companies can leverage our coatings for maximum engineered results and performance which helps their goals of saving money, reducing risk and reducing costs. 

What has been your favourite corrosion project that you have worked on and why? 

We work on corrosion projects that lean more towards managing heat load. For example, power stations with steam pipes that have used traditional lagging for their entire operation and now need better thermal performance due to CUI and safety risks, same with oil platforms, gas fields and many more. We also work on tough or sensitive locations where our MCU aluminium coating, RUST GRIP® has been rated No. 1 in the world by the Society of Petroleum Engineers for drill pipes after an 8-year study including Chevron and Workstrings International. Also working with Georgia Pacific, HPC was awarded a new technology award for thermal insulation coatings after the standard insulation coating was removed and our coating gave an ROI in just 12 months all validated by engineers. It showed how effective thick C-TICs can prevent energy loss off the surface of tanks and pipes. 

What are the important corrosion related issues facing industry/your business today? 

Old mindset and old strategies. We push the boundaries of old school thinking and paradigms for dealing with corrosion and thermal insulation. The end of CUI is near with our strategies of thermal insulation coatings with the use of closed film thin and thick ceramics. Unlike open cell traditional wraps that allow air and moisture to transfer, ceramics block the heat and create a vacuum that won’t allow air to transfer. Ceramics are used in the world’s most advanced technologies for heat mitigation, yet our industry still relies on 20th century thinking and materials. This is the same for the traditional zinc 3 coat corrosion system. There’s far better technology and proven new innovations. While the old strategies used to work adequately, they no longer serve the needs for the future due to rising costs and sustainability factors. Our technology is market leaders and has been for 30 years, where many are now trying to learn and catch up, we’ve matured and ready for the hottest challenges. 

Why are you a member of the ACA? 

Excellent community of friendly, like-minded people, great network and professionals willing to collaborate and share knowledge and learnings. 

Can you describe your experience with corrosion control and prevention? 

Over 20 years in Australia working with thermal insulation and corrosion across all industry sectors. We work closely with our head office in Kansas, USA to provide solutions for the most challenging projects where our competitors can’t and are unable to fix. We ask our clients to ‘give us the 10% of problems they can’t fix’ and we do just that. Fix them! Tough, future proof coatings for the harshest environments with very long performance and durability as promised around the globe around the clock. 


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