As the QLD ACA secretary for the last four months and having recently joined the ACA’s YCG Steering Committee, Jasmine is hoping she can bring bring some vigour and motivation to the branch as well as gleam gems of wisdom from those long-standing members.

About Me

Seven years ago, I graduated from the University of Auckland (NZ) with first class honours in a degree in Materials and Chemicals Engineering. Part of my degree contained several courses in corrosion engineering which is where my interest in rust and all things to do with material degradation began.

Shortly after graduating in 2015 I began my career in oil and gas working with Woodside as a Corrosion/Inspection Engineer onsite at the Karratha Gas Plant in Western Australia. In this role I managed to continue my qualifications in both API 510 (Pressure Vessel Inspector), API 570 (Pressure Piping Inspector) and API 580 (Risk-Based Inspection Practices) to help me act more effective in my role as the site utilities inspection engineer.

Part of the site corrosion management strategy was preventative maintenance in the form of anticorrosion coating application site wide. This led me to obtain both my NACE CIP level 1 and level 2 certifications. In this inspection engineering role, I was given responsibility for the tank inspection and remediation campaign in 2017 which oversaw tank floor remediation and coatings of 6+ tanks.

In 2019 proceeded to move role to be the site’s external corrosion project engineering focal point. This multi-million-dollar project gave me exposure to systemic issues that a 30+ year-old gas plant must manage and what actions/solutions at the commissioning of a plant can decrease the overall life-cycle costs of operating the plant.

While working at Woodside I worked in multiple shutdowns (~6) managing regulatory required internal inspections into all sorts of interesting vessels like driers, cryogenic heat-exchangers and much more.

After COVID hit in 2020, I decided to move little closer to family and took up a role in the Rio Tinto Yarwun alumina refinery in Gladstone working in the onsite mechanical engineering team. In this role I’ve been responsible for updating the site coating standard and managing piping corrosion mitigation. I’m currently seconded to the site turnaround team working on the site’s calcination turnaround – so much refractory to see and repair!

As for future roles, who knows? I’m always open to new opportunities and emerging industries. The renewables market has particularly sparked my interest.

During my professional career I have always volunteered to work with STEM projects in schools to help encourage young girls into the atypical female role of an engineer or into male-dominant industries like mining, and oil and gas. I see a more balanced workforce as being a more effective and competitive workforce. I wish to see all girls to overcome the intimidating step into studying and practicing engineering which I’m a full believe will make for more productive industries.


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