This Award is open to any ACA member under the age of 35 (at time of nomination closing) who has provided a notable and significant contribution towards the ACA and to the field of Corrosion.

“Significant contribution” can be in a range of areas, ranging from academic publications and activities, to ACA activities (governance, membership, fundraising, event organisation, YCG, etc.), to Corrosion education, to high quality professional activities (including following and promoting industry best practice or outstanding research) and to other activities aligned with the ACA and YCG’s mission goals.

Although hard to quantify; enthusiasm, initiative and leadership qualities are to be strong considerations.
The award need not necessarily be made every year and shall never be made more frequently than once per year.
No person shall be awarded the Medal more than once.
The recipient must be a current member of the Australasian Corrosion Association.

The Judging Panel shall consist of the Council President, the CEO and the Branch Presidents. The final selection of the Medalist is the sole prerogative of the Council President.

Nominations close 31st July 2024

Before commencing your nomination, please read the guidelines.

For further clarification on the YCG Award, please email


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