A small but dedicated group of Newcastle members gathered at the MIRTEQ Innovative Resins – establishment in Cardiff, NSW Industrial Estate on Wednesday 27 February, this year.

Initial response was a bit non-committal, but MIRTEQ’s Managing Director Keith Mackenzie soon had the group listening to every word when he took us through the history of the company, and what had been achieved in the world of modified vinyl coatings, in structural, anti-corrosion, and replacement of original materials for a myriad of cases. MIRTEQ’s products are all based on high quality vinyl ester resins. Their micro-fibre glass is procured in the U.S, modified in the U.S. facility and shipped to Australia where locally sourced vinyl ester resins are used to chemically modify and change the performance of the vinyl ester resins. The strength of the micro-fibres, adhesion to steel and concrete, elasticity, cure characteristics and absence of shrink have certainly made the market, both here and in the U.S., stand up and take notice.

According to Keith much of the credit must go to his, ‘eccentric chemist’ -Peter. The innovative products he is now producing have been the result of many years perseverance and experimentation, and are significantly better than the material which won the American Composites Manufacturers Association ACE Award in 2010. With Peter’s remarkable knowledge, MIRTEQ continues to develop new and better products to meet client needs.

Keith outlined a few of the reasons why MIRTEQ’s product are better than off-the-shelf solutions and the various areas in which they are used. Keith also provided samples of a few products, which each attendee received.

Thankyou to Keith and Peter for an extremely interesting site visit.


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