It is always interesting to look back on the year and see what people read.

It turns out that you are all interested in (very) technical articles. Our news pages were busy but these posts had a regular readership over the year from members and from around the world. We will increase the number of Technical articles over 2020!

Buried Nails


Buried Nails Resist Corrosion for 2,000 Years

In about 88 AD, a remote Roman legion at the Inchtuthil fortress on the north bank of the Tay River was ordered back to the European mainland…

If you haven’t read this series of articles by Dr Rob Francis you are missing out

Cathodic Protection in the Water Industry



An adaption of a Peer Reviewed paper by  Brian Martin from the 1999 Corrosion & Prevention Conference



An article from our Public Relations company produced from interviews with ACA members.

 cable pit under George St., Sydney


Stray Traction Effects – where’s the problem?

During baseline corrosion interference testing associated with a new light rail project in Sydney NSW, significant stray traction current effects from existing traction systems were measured on the Energy Authority’s sub-transmission assets in Sydney CBD

Jim Hickey from 2018 Corrosion & Materials


Protective Coatings in the Real World – Presentations

The ACA’s annual premier coatings event occurred on 4 April and was held at the Royal Society of Victoria in Melbourne’s CBD.

Our most viewed static page from around the world is:

Corrosion Definition

What is Corrosion

This is the official definition of corrosion as published by the ACA

We have a wide readership and our number one page is accessed by students looking for peer reviewed ( reliable) information about corrosion

Corrosion & Materials

Lots of people have been accessing Corrosion & Materials online which was moved to a modern Flip Book last year.


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