The ACA hosted a presentation and product demonstration from Phil Chester, Managing Director of Montipower. In this webinar, Phil presents some case studies covering recent and ongoing projects where the Bristle Blaster is being used specifically for wind tower repairs. This presentation included a demonstration of the correct use of the tool and an explanation of the difference between the Bristle Blaster and an often confused tool in the market. Whilst Phil primarily discusses wind tower maintenance, the principle of preparation for coating a wind tower is virtually the same as any steel preparation when it comes to using the Bristle Blaster.

Phil ChesterĀ 
Managing Director Montipower Pty Ltd

Phil commenced importing Monti products from Germany to Australia and New Zealand in October 2006, within the product range of his new company Wolfchester Australia Pty Ltd. In July 2015 Phil separated the Monti product range into a new company Bristle Blaster Australia Pty Ltd and sold Wolfchester. Today the company is known as Montipower Pty Ltd in order to better reflect the entire product range of Monti, which comprises MBX, Die Blaster, Vinyl Zapper and Bristle Blaster, with new products under development. Phil has three teenage daughters who consume most of his spare time, with his youngest (16) joining him this year in his hobby of motorsport. The two took to the track for the first time in February until things came to a grinding halt with the implementation of the restrictions.


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