24 March 2017
Wayne Thomson

Proof – there is dough to be made in materials engineering! This proof was observed by a select group of corrosionistas who attended the Goodman Fielder site visit in Friday the 24th March.

Goodman Fielder (GF) is a household name, producing many food items across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.

The Carina bakery was established in the early 1960s and currently has 2 production lines: 1 Bread line and 1 rolls line. The industrial bakery has the capacity to manufacture approximately – 130,000 loaves of bread per day and approximately 180,000 rolls per day.

Some brands manufactured at the GF Carina site are Wonder, Mighty Soft, Molenberg, Buttercup as well as unbranded which go to various supermarket chains.

The GF Carina plant distributes to Northern NSW as well as all of QLD. GF in QLD also has baking sites in Townsville and Burleigh Heads which also produce product brands such as Helgas & Lawsons.

Anthony Beckley, the Queensland Maintenance Manager took the attendees through a presentation on the process of making bread products.

Throughout the presentation and the plant tour it was not lost on the group the various performance requirements of the materials used in the machinery at high temperature and dynamic cycles.

This site visit was a little different than most, but feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive.


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